Saturday, June 9, 2007

Good, Clean, Mean-spirited Fun?

I happened to watch a commercial for the T.V. show "the Starter Wife" and the end line of the commercial was that it was good, clean, mean-spirited fun... what does that even mean?

What is it with supposed comedies today? Either they are super-silly (and usually stupid) slap-stick that take the easiest route to gross humor, or it is a mean-spirited block of jokes about targets whom are currently acceptable to serve as the butt of jokes. Whatever happened to intelligent humor? Why must we stoop to the obvious and often gross humor that most of us should have largely outgrown with high school or junior high?

I can see the value of some slapstick... take the film "American Pie"... it had a lot of silly humor in it, but I think it also had some pretty intelligent humor in it as well, and that is why I think it very well may become a classic.

Anyway, I have a much bigger problem with the mean humor. Why must we ridicule others? Why must we hurt people's feelings for our own amusement? Surely we can do better than that.

No, I've never watched the starter wife... their tagline has just insured that I never will.

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