Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Chat with the Stork-- an informal research poll

So one day, you and your significant other decide you want to have a baby. You go to the stork to sign up for one and he says, "It's your lucky day! We have three of our top models available and now you get to choose which one you want! Sheesh... you think you have red tape down here?!? I've been telling the guys upstairs, for centuries, that this random distribution thing is making a lot of trouble with mismatched kids and families! Can you imagine what a pain it is to get approval from every bureaucrat that ever lived before something new gets enacted?" (Who knew the stork would be a chatty Cathy?!!!). "So I have model A; It's the genius model, off the charts IQ, the thing is that it has trouble with social situations and making friends... you know, "fitting in." Then there's model B; it has an easy time making friends and fitting in with the crowd, but only has average intelligence. Last, but not least :) , I have model C. This one is guaranteed to be happy throughout it's life, whether or not it can fit in, but it has a pretty low IQ.. mentally disabled."

So, the question is, which child do you choose? I would also love to know why you would choose the one you chose, if gender would make a difference in your choice, and if it would: why and how?

Please make sure to include your culture/nationality of origin as well as your gender so I can put together a nice description of my findings from this poll :)

Thanks for taking part and I look forward to seeing how this ends up!

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