Saturday, June 9, 2007

Poor Little Paris

I almost feel sorry for her. Not because she is going to have to serve her jail time, exactly, but because of the emotional roller coaster this must be. It kinda seems unfair for her to be released and then put back in, I hate to see people given hope only to have it snatched away like that, and what really bothers me about the current ruling of the judge is that now instead of the 23 days her sentence had been reduced to.. he's saying she will now have to serve her entire 45 day sentence.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not opposed to a 45 day sentence for Paris Hilton (or any other DUI offender who keeps driving under the influence), it's just that it seems to me that Paris is being punished for something that she's not entirely responsible for... the sheriff's decision to release her early for home confinement. Even if she and her family were working to pull strings and procure early release... I can't really blame them. I think anyone would try to reduce their sentence if at all possible.

I will say, though, that if she was working to get her release it is a bit hypocritical... she was quoted as saying that she wanted to take responsibility for her actions... and in my opinion that would mean serving her sentence quietly and without a fight.

In the end it is not in my power to decide if this ruling is fair, and really is not a matter of great concern to me. I just feel a little sorry for a spoiled little girl (no, I don't think she's yet a woman) who's been juggled all over the place and had her emotions played with.

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