Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nightmares in Pregnancy

I've been having nightmares, often several each week, for a month or two now. It seems this is a pretty common thing during pregnancy... that more vivid dreams are more prevalent in pregnancy as well (though I remember my dreams other than nightmares less now than pre-pregnancy).

Just another of the silly inconveniences I guess. What really bothers me about them is that while they are not recurrent... they are always different in scene and content... they all seem to involve abandonment by E. or losing him in some other way.

Perhaps it seems strange to read too much into these dreams, and I hope I'm not. It's just that it seems like having these nightmares might be some indication of something I have not heretofore been bothered by. I've always been a little surprised by my apparent lack of abandonment and trust issues... maybe I just never cared enough about anyone for them to surface.

It is something I think I should carefully consider. I really dislike it when I come up against things which linger from my childhood... I thought I had exorcised most of those demons, hopefully I have, but I guess a few might remain for me to contend with.

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