Wednesday, February 7, 2007

God-boxes and Aneurisms

So I thought I would start my blog by explaining the title :) God-box is a term I developed to explain my faith (or lack thereof). You see, I have trouble actually rationalizing a belief in god because, well because I simply do not actually believe, but I find it somewhat convenient to make myself believe so that I can just hand over unanswerable questions and things which are out of my control and not have to ever think about them. This is my God-box. The place I put all of my unanswerable questions (Including whether or not there is a god).

So here on Blogger I guess I will place not only questions but also thoughts, surely god-boxes like those as well, and thus my title.

And speaking of god-boxes... I have lately had some things to put in there and try to relax about. One of my first cousins, who used to be my roommate, had an aneurism on friday night. She is still unconscious and we will not have any clear idea of what sort of damage there might be, or its permanence, for some time yet. The good thing is that she is still alive.

I guess sometimes it takes a shocking tragedy to remind us of how vulnerable we are and how little control we really have over life. Most of all it has reminded me how important it is to not let unimportant disagreements cause rifts between loved ones and to cherish all of the time we are alotted to share with other people.