Monday, April 13, 2009

What I want to know....!

Is, if there is no God, then who in the world was it who heard me thinking "that 7 mile bike ride was nothing... I could have done 4 of those and still wanted more" and then turned on the wind so that the 7 miles back home was all against the wind and kicked my ass for being so smug?

But speaking of bike rides... I'm loving my bike.  It is amazing weather here for riding and friendly to bikers as well.  All along the way is lush and beautiful scenery; a thousand flowers and trees I never saw before I came out here.

I also dream, as I ride, of the body my bike is going to give me :) I'm already noticing that my backside is looking mighty-fine these days and dream about the slinky dresses and heels I'm going to wear in the not-too-distant future (to what, I don't know yet).

I find that working out has two additional benefits... 1) I have more energy to work out more, and 2) I have much less of an apetite.  Both things seem promising with regard to slinky dresses and looking hot.  Haha... I'm gonna be a MILF.

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