Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Creative Revival Launched

Last night, after some technical issues, I finally got the website for Creative Revival published.  It's still under construction and a bit fuzzy around the edges but I like it overall.  I'd love to hear what you think about it!

Today I am  working on strategic planning and structure, I worked out a preliminary draft of bylaws to discuss with Anastasia when we meet later this week.

Everything seems to be going really quickly but not uncomfortably so.  Anastasia and I seem to work together really well and I am looking forward to developing a professional and friendly relationship with her over the next months and, hopefully, years.

As today is Tuesday, I have my regular southbay discussion meeting at 8.  Today a member sent an interesting article about homelessness in America and I responded with a discussion of the root causes of generational poverty cycles and also challenged the other members to come up with possible/realistic solutions to the problem, especially those who are really angry that 'no one's doing anything about it!'

I look foreward to hearing some interesting suggestions :)

Time to get back to work, sorry for the dry and boring report... I hope to write something more interesting once I'm done with the dry and functional work of creating the documents for Creative Revival.

You can visit our website at www.creativerevival.org

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