Wednesday, February 7, 2007

God-boxes and Aneurisms

So I thought I would start my blog by explaining the title :) God-box is a term I developed to explain my faith (or lack thereof). You see, I have trouble actually rationalizing a belief in god because, well because I simply do not actually believe, but I find it somewhat convenient to make myself believe so that I can just hand over unanswerable questions and things which are out of my control and not have to ever think about them. This is my God-box. The place I put all of my unanswerable questions (Including whether or not there is a god).

So here on Blogger I guess I will place not only questions but also thoughts, surely god-boxes like those as well, and thus my title.

And speaking of god-boxes... I have lately had some things to put in there and try to relax about. One of my first cousins, who used to be my roommate, had an aneurism on friday night. She is still unconscious and we will not have any clear idea of what sort of damage there might be, or its permanence, for some time yet. The good thing is that she is still alive.

I guess sometimes it takes a shocking tragedy to remind us of how vulnerable we are and how little control we really have over life. Most of all it has reminded me how important it is to not let unimportant disagreements cause rifts between loved ones and to cherish all of the time we are alotted to share with other people.


Off Colfax said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

And yes, I'm the same one from OKC.

Juliette said...

hello, and thank you :)

Jon said...

Is "42" in the box next to the little deity statuette?

Did you consider the concept of Schrödinger's Cat when defining the God-Box concept? Is the concept or God dependent on our perceiving It (I refuse to give God a gender, it's too narcisisyctik... narcxisistique,,, No, wait: narcissistik. nuts!).
Do we effect God simply by believing in it or having faith It's there?

(This is the point where you start playing "Dear God" by XTC...)

If you look at the role God(s) played in societies in the beginning cultures we have studied, It(They) played a roll to explain the big picture of how and why things worked. Religious beliefs were a set of rules that needed to be followed so that the God(s) would not be angered. There was a central witch-doctor/shaman that exhorted the will of the being that controlled the environment. The religion of the people was the law of the people (we have too many bible-bashers saying their God has the right law we need to follow here in the USA). Yet, now we have social, scientific and cultural enlightenment and freedoms to question authority, even if it doesn't work we still have the right to without being shunned (unless you're Pennsylvania Dutch).

We don't need a central religion for a country anymore. We have a legal system based on common rights (sure, I know it doesn't work as it should, but that's another discussion) and we no longer need the fear of angering the God(s) with our actions since officer friendly can book or ticket us for our offenses.

Modern man no longer has the same need to rely on those that live around us like in the past. Our culture is more loosened and someone can survive a singular life while occupying a space surround by millions of others. Such a thing can make life lonelier than it needs to be. City living makes it more apparent that we are individual, separated from others, the bond to the whole of our society is weaker and inviting the question of Life, The Universe... Everything.

Mathematical jokes aside, how can we define God and It's existence, what use do we play for furthering a great plan where we are a stamp on the wheel of the Universe? When we all spin into place and our individual mark will slip into place to unlock a path for the threads of the Cosmos to run down. Or are we just a mile marker along that road?

To give God the shape of Man is so wrong on so many levels, I consider it a multi-faceted offense. Human need to give a logical explanation to to order and reason of our world has allowed us to make God an icon, definable, tangible in a way we can make effigies and prance about with our proud re-creation of the omnipotent with simple clay & paint. It's too easy to question God when there's someone dancing about with their version of God's Word, written and sold by man, saying, "Look at Me. I know God's word. I understand they way things should be. If you disagree with my faith, you are damned and God will punish you.

The over-zealous are almost always hypocrites. They at some reach a level in their fervor that because they have so much faith and are the chosen that not all the laws of their religion apply. Mostly they're jerks with gilded clubs.

If God exists, It's far too big for wo/man's lower order of brain and logic to fully comprehend. We'll just have to trust the bigger ideas in their simplest ideas that God wants of us. As far as I can tell, it's Love and Compassion for ourselves, those around us and all things living.

If you can love and allow yourself to be loved, you're touching God far more intimately than any prayer or rite will allow. God is anything that will fill us up with so much joy that our heart feels as if it will explode and makes us cry for the sheer euphoria it brings.

God, The All-Mother/Father, The Universe requires nothing of you except that you be who you are and love responsibly. God doesn't care if you question; if there is truth behind the subject of the query, it will require no defending. All the arguments and debates are just semantics.